Dec 06, 2010
So Much More Than "Hello"
Porter Robinson & Lazy Rich feat Sue Cho - Hello (Original Mix) [Big Fish]

Like many of you, Shmurkio’s latest post on Porter Robinson absolutely blew me away. As usual, I got inspired to dig deeper to explore what more the artist has to offer. Saying that I am ecstatic that I did that this time is one of the biggest understatements I have ever made. Hello, by the 18-year-old Porter Robinson and Lazy Rich, whom I’ve posted about on several occasions, has my vote for one of the best tracks of 2010. It’s easily one of the most satisfying and well-produced tracks of the year for several reasons. Every single second of this track has been carefully paid attention to, whether it’s the electro synths, beautiful vocals, tech-y elements, or melodic house-like segments. Can someone tell me who this Sue Cho is featured on this track? She’s unbelievable.

Ok, let’s rewind and step through this masterpiece. We start off gently, with melodic house over a bass-absent, clappy beat and a simple line: All I need from you is one hello. This builds up to the first drop, which is a completely unexpected, signature Lazy Rich-inspired, sounds-like-Deadmau5-and-Uppermost-wrestling, irresistible dance-fest. This leads masterfully back into the next truly beautiful vocal segment with some interesting lyrics attached–All I hear is echo from my voice. The next build is perfectly timed to not detract in any way from the insane amount of energy that’s been carried along this whole time. Around 4:23 the song pushes forward in a way that most tracks do not–it changes up the beat and modifies the details to keep things interesting every single second of the way through. And if you thought that was the end of it, oh no–there is a third drop which is still different from the rest of the song. A more tech-y version of an already well-understood beat, this piece, in perfect form, gently unwinds the song, taking us gently down from the epic peak we have just reached.

Whew! I need to get a drink. Proto–out.

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