May 19, 2014
SNL Pokes Fun At Mainstream EDM With ‘When Will The Bass Drop?’

Andy Samberg made his return to Saturday Night Live to host the season finale over the weekend, and he brought along a Digital Short from his Lonely Island crew that brings new meaning to “what DJs do these days.”

Entitled When Will The Bass Drop?, the clip features Samberg as ‘Davvincii,’ a rockstar DJ of the highest order who teases his fervent crowd to the point of utter insanity with his giant red BASS button, all the while playing Candy Crush, frying an egg, fingerboarding across the decks and collecting (literal) bags of cash. When his finger finally lands on its target and the Lil Jon-assisted “get turned up to death” drop arrives, all hell breaks loose as the crowd spontaneously combusts with pure joy. Watch below:

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