Feb 20, 2015
Snapchat Update Adds Simultaneous Music Streaming & Video Recording

Snapchat’s latest update now allows users to stream music while simultaneously recording video for their latest snaps, ultimately granting the ability to soundtrack everything you send.

Prior to this update, Snapchat users faced the frustrating reality of listening to music on their phones only to have the audio halt abruptly when a spontaneous Snapchat-able moment presented itself. The new API permissions will now allow services like SoundCloud, Spotify, Pandora and others to interface directly with the app.

The update makes Snapchat’s video sharing capability similar to Vine in the sense that music can be seamlessly layered on top of the video. Besides ease of access for everyday users, the update expands the ability for musicians to share their music with fans. It is already widely used by artists like Diplo and Skrillex (pictured left and right, respectively) to offer fans a glimpse of their life inside the studio.

Paired with their recent partnership with Warner Music Group for their Discover feature, it seems that Snapchat will continue to take the music industry into exciting new territory.

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