May 21, 2015
Snails Proves That The World Is A ‘VMPR’
Snails - VMPR (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Promising a free EP “next month,” Montreal-based “vomitstep” producer Snails has dropped VMPR, a production that warps the Smashing Pumpkins’ snarling 1995 rock hit Bullet With Butterfly Wings into a bassline-driven bulldozer.

Take one part Billy Corgan vocal sample and toss it into a violently blended mix of whirring synths, thumping percussion, and rolling hi-hats. Serve as loud as possible, and it sounds like the type of insanity that Snails has planned for his 20-date “Snailin’ USA” tour this summer.

This one is a bomb waiting to be detonated and is free-to-download here.

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