Oct 21, 2015
Snails’ ‘Frogbass’ Gives Vomitstep An Amphibian Influence
Snails - Frogbass (Original Mix) [Kannibalen]

In the grand new EDM tradition of being inspired by animals for massive bangers, Snails’ vomitstep bomb Frogbass is best described as the sound you get when you throw an amphibian into a blender.

This track was premiered in August 2014, so at long last, the wait is over. The Montreal bass-meister has a ton of fun here as the track’s chorus involves a croaking and funky bassline that invokes thoughts of frogs. As well, the soaring and soulful top-line really does a fantastic job in making the track much more than a one-note joke stemming from the title.

Purchase Frogbass here.

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