Feb 21, 2012
DFRNT - Everything (Original Mix) [Cut]
DFRNT - Dark Spaces (Original Mix) [Cut]
DFRNT - Too Long To Wait (Original Mix) [Cut]

Not many people can name more than a handful of Scottish EDM producers, but if there is one to commit to memory it would be Cut label chief DFRNT. His latest release, Actaeon, represents Cut Records’ tenth overall release since he created the digital-only, for-free imprint in January of last year. For the uninitiated, Cut Records offers highly polished downtempo music with a particular emphasis on crystal-clear rhythmic detail–in other words, this is intelligent electronic music that activates as many brain cells as it does dancing shoes. However, it is pleasantly surprising to find that Actaeon has jumped off the tracks slightly with a little up-tempo haste.

The entire Actaeon EP is incredibly balanced sonically, offering low frequency grooves to dark, textured soundscapes. The EP features five tracks, three of which are originals and two of which are DFRNT remixes. One of the original works, Everything, falls a few steps outside of the common ambient tracks that DFRNT is so adept at crafting. It’s a minimal drum’n’bass tune that delivers a perfect blend of delicate sub-bass, chopped drum breaks, and smooth vocal samples. For those interested in a gritty, post-dubstep vibe, Dark Spaces, with its buzzing bassline and bouncing chord stabs, will have most listeners’ jaws clenching. The last original work on the EP, Too Long To Wait, has a reasonable semblance to Everything in both rhythm and composition, but with a less conspicuous break and an interspersed female vocal. Head over to Cut Records’ website to pick up Actaeon and all of the other free releases they have to offer.

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