Jan 21, 2014
Slugabed Goes Aquatic With ‘WATERFALLSsssss’
Slugabed - WATERFALLSsssss (Original Mix)

The homie Slugabed has been keeping us on our toes lately by quietly dropping fresh freebies on Dropbox, and today he follows last week’s SMILE 4 ME with the trap-leaning WATERFALLSsssss.

Slug offers his new tune as an alternate definition of “aqua crunk” music, a termed originally coined by Rustie to describe his own oceanic beats. It hits like hip hop, but those low-pitched tubular pipe sounds don’t conjure up images of the streets so much as they do nuclear submarines. It’s an aquatic twerk party, and everybody’s invited–just watch that big red button, lest we bring on doomsday as foretold by the Cold War.

Pick up WATERFALLSsssss for free on Dropbox.

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