Nov 24, 2013
Slugabed Demonstrates the Deadly ‘Unicorn Suplex’
Slugabed - Unicorn Suplex (VIP Edit)

Future bass freak Slugabed isn’t just one of the most innovative artists on the Ninja Tune roster; unbeknownst to many of his fans, he also moonlights as a stunt coordinator for the WWE (Thus fulfilling the ‘ninja’ requirement of his record label contract. What, you thought that Ninja Tune’s people weren’t real ninjas?).

His latest method of torture is an extra loony version of the Unicorn Suplex from last year’s Time Team LP, which combines twinkling synths, relentless future-footwork percussion, and hip hop hype vocals for one nasty twerk tune that’s as rare as it is majestic. Hulk Hogan better sleep with one eye open if he knows what’s good for him.

Download Slugabed’s “VIP Edit” of Unicorn Suplex in exchange for a “like” on Facebook.

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