Jul 27, 2010
Slovenian Prince of Dance
Beltek - Kenta (Original Mix) [Black Hole]
Jon O'Bir - Out Of Touch (Beltek Remix) [Black Hole]

About a month ago, Kid Alien posted Beltek’s incredible track Par, featured on this summer’s hot trance compilation, In Search of Sunrise 8: South Africa. Par is just one of Beltek’s many amazing works that has made the Slovenian DJ one of most cutting-edge prog house/trance producers in the world. There’s a reason why he’s demanded by both established artists like Tiesto and Armin, as well as newer stars like Chris Lake and Gareth Emery. Beltek’s sound is definitely in the forefront of melodic dance music, and everyone wants a little of piece of that magic!

Beltek has already been blending together beautiful uplifting melodies with buzzing electro synths long before most current producers. I first discovered Beltek when his track Kenta was featured on In Search Of Sunrise 7: Asia in 2008. Like Par, his use of triplets in Kenta creates a lively sensation that is incredibly unique and catchy at the same time. It’s also clear that Beltek’s style draws from a diverse range of influences including techno and deep house. This approach will certainly allow him to continue to expand and evolve his sound down the road.

Along with Kenta, be sure to check out his new remix of Out Of Touch released on Gareth Emery’s Garuda label.

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