Jun 28, 2011
Slices & Bits
NiT GriT & Stephan Jacobs - Walk on Out (Original Mix)
NiT GriT & Stephan Jacobs feat NastyNasty - Don't Stop (Original Mix)

So the story goes: one man wanted pizza, the other wanted to party. Three tracks, each brilliantly produced, just waiting to be cut and mixed to aid in the creation of phenomenal DJ sets across the globe. You may remember when Proto wrote up a primer for Pizza Party, but now the release is available in full on NiT GriT’s Bandcamp page. Pizza Party is the new collaborative EP between Nit Grit and Stephan Jacobs, a novel pair who bring big things to the table. The EP is quality production, start to finish, with a coherent and unique sound that raises the bar for upcoming releases.

While all three tracks on the EP are top notch, I’d have to say that the one that really epitomizes it is the remix of Gold Gun Girls, which, samples to bass, is fantastic–you can hear it in the post by Proto. Don’t Stop is some straight up epic, genre-bending crazy sauce. And wow, Walk On Out is a funky one; with zany, choppy bass, subtle ambient tones, and strategically placed samples, it’s clear that this track isn’t just GriT’s and Jacobs’ doing, but distinctly NastyNasty’s as well.

To fans of NiT GriT and Stephan Jacobs, the caliber of this EP should come as no surprise–both artists, renowned in the EDM community for their unique, high quality brand of crunked out, glitchy dubstep have and nowhere to go but up. I have a feeling that these three tracks are going to be making it into dubstep sets across the country, and with festival season well under way, you can certainly expect artists to capitalize on production gold like this; it’s too good to be overlooked!

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