Aug 26, 2014
Slander’s New Remix Keeps Us ‘Up All Night’
Arty feat. Angel Taylor - Up All Night (Slander Remix) [Insomniac]

To many it may seem like LA duo Slander’s recent rise in popularity has come out of nowhere, although producers Scott Land and Derek Anderson have been hard at work releasing hugely popular heaven trap edits of songs through their SoundCloud page for quite some time now. After releasing a decent catalog of edits, the duo has announced their first official remix for Arty’s Up All Night.

Adding their signature trap percussion and melodic house synths to Arty’s track, the duo have transformed the progressive house single into a pulsating, trap-inspired masterpiece. The energy that flows through the remix is absolutely electric and proves that Slander is up to the task of taking on bigger productions. It’s yet another track from the duo that shows that they mean business.

The track is currently set to release on Insomniac/Interscope on Sept. 9 so keep your eyes and ears open for the official release. Also, be sure to catch Slander on phase II of their Ascension Tour.

Slander Remix Arty

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