Jul 28, 2010
Slammed By Satori
Satori - Voices In The Dark [Fish'n'Trips]

I can usually only tolerate the harder regions of dance over 140 bpm-land in small doses – after too much and I start feeling like I’m going insane. This is why I didn’t hold much hope for enjoying Australian “psycore” producer Satori when my Traktor discovered that his tracks had speeds up to a blistering 167 bpm (beats per minute).

Boy was I proven wrong. Satori is a newer name to the scene (is there a “psycore” scene?), but he is certainly trying to establish himself quickly. His latest EP, A Sharp Kick to the Third Eye, is pretty much what the title suggests: a sonic trip through runaway bassbeats and incredible use of spacial techniques. Upon first listen, the track that impressed me the most was Voices In The Dark. I wasn’t too sure what to think about it at first… until 2:13, when those 8 bit synths dropped in a Baroque piano-style dance that was mindblowing. The rest of the track continues to showcase his ability to play with the sound to an extraordinary level. I’m sold on Satori. Let me know if you’re sold too.

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