Jul 06, 2015
Skrillex & Yogi’s ‘Burial’ Video Pits Rodman Against Creepy Dancers

Skrillex and Yogi’s dub-trap hybrid haymaker Burial gets a dark and sinister video starring Dennis Rodman and a destructive group of turf dancers.

Directed by Grant Singer for FREEJOY, INC., the video follows the five flexible, mask-faced figures as they f*ck with Pusha T’s otherwise mellow afternoon at the barber shop. So T pulls the scraper around and peels off his face to reveal that of ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman, which makes total sense. The preposterous video makes up for itself with shock and awe, which crescendos when the legendary NBA defender and DaVinci of shock-and-awe sets fire to one of the dancers… and they explode.

Watch below, and pick up a copy of the tune here.

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