May 29, 2014
Skrillex Collabs With Dillon Francis And Feed Me Are Finished

After letting the dust settle from Recess, you didn’t think the king of the playground was gonna let us sit in class bored for too long, did you?

Skrillex has new collaborative material loaded into the cannons of his beastly bass-ship and is ready to blast them across the States on his current Mothership Tour. According to a Tweet from Dillon Francis May 28, Skrilly and his Mothership crewmate have finished up their collaborative remix of Elliphant’s Only Getting Younger along with a brand new original collab and intended to unleash them both on the crowd in Detroit that night.

No video has yet surfaced that features either new production, but if you’re still on the fence about getting tickets, let this news shove you over the side. More info and tix here.

Meanwhile, the UK’s crazy-eyed, razor-toothed goblin Feed Me said he’s put the finishing touches on his own Skrillex collaboration, however it’s unlikely this will make it to the mothership in time to join the rest of the on-board munitions cache before the tour ends.

No matter; it’s enough simply to know that a joint project from two of the heaviest-hitting musical minds around is not only real, but finished. Check back for more info on these three releases surely to be massive tracks this summer and into the rest of 2014.

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