Mar 10, 2014
UPDATED: Skrillex Streams New Album In Full Via iOS Game
Skrillex - All Is Fair In Love And Brostep (App Rip)
Skrillex feat. Kill The Noise & Fatman Scoop - Recess (App Rip)
Skrillex feat. Killagraham & Sam Dew - Stranger (App Rip)

UPDATE: Skrillex offered up his debut album, Recess, for streaming in full March 10 via his Alien Ride iOS game, offering fans full listens to each of 11 original works featuring artists like Diplo, Kill The Noise, G-Dragon, and more.

Listen to the first three above, pre-order the Recess LP here on iTunes, and download Alien Ride here to stream all 11 and stare along with us suspiciously at that “secret” folder, which still hasn’t been unlocked.

The first track is revealed to be the final version of Untitled DJ Tool, now going by All Is Fair In Love And Brostep.

The album’s title track surfaces next in Recess, the carefree cosmic bounce track that resulted from his Kill The Noise and Fatman Scoop collab sessions. He also ended the majority of his SF Takeovers with this one.

Track three is Stranger, the twisting and turning hybrid-bass collab with Killagraham of Milo & Otis and Sam Dew, also featured on the Divergent soundtrack.

Fourth up is the already-released Neon Mix of Imma Try It Out, his collab with fellow OWSLA bass-head Alvin Risk.

Next we have a breakbeat baby-maker called Coast Is Clear featuring the vocals of Chance The Rapper. “Dance like it hurts to stand still?” You got it, boss.

Dirty Vibe comes in at number six as what could be one of the Skrillex-Diplo (Jack U) tracks we’ve been waiting on, also featuring previous Diplo Collaborator G-Dragon and fellow South Korean star CL.

Skrillex drops Ragga Bomb for track seven, a ferocious dubstep cut with brief episodes of jungle featuring UK rave legends The Ragga Twins.

“I know a lot of you wouldn’t expect this.” Doompy Poomp is a bouncy, luminous curveball and a prime example of the breadth of his musical interests and what we can expect in the future in terms of variety.

Skrillex turns in a garage-flavored tune in the smooth, bassline-driven F*ck That, and
Track 10, Ease My Mind, clears up suspicions we had about the bass tune at the end of his SF Takeovers recap video.

The album finishes out in true Skrillex fashion with Fire Away, a lighters-up slow-burner made for maximum memory-making (and breath reclaiming) during his unforgettable live shows. Pre-order the 11-track Recess LP here.

Once the bottom-right timer expired at 6:30 p.m. EST, a new “ACCESS GRANTED” message appeared at the top of the game, bringing users to an up-and-down scrolling timeline made up of three sleeping “Zzz” emojis with a new 30-minute timer next to the first and a dancing alien at the end. After reaching all three above premieres, a new series of sleepy faces appeared, continuing our first foray into Recess 30 minutes at a time. Read up on the backstory to this quite original album reveal below.

Skrillex alien ride access granted

With the entire electronic music community waiting (semi) patiently for the next taste of new Skrillex, the man himself has left a few traces scattered across the digital universe that suggest his new album will be called Recess and be given some sort of reveal via his new iOS app.

Alien Ride skrillex main menu

The speculation kicked off initially with strange clues found in his new Space Invaders-style game, Alien Ride, available now.

After downloading Alien Ride, diligent Skrill-stalkers on Reddit began discussing the significance of the “secret” folder and countdown timer on the desktop of the app’s main menu, skinned in his signature imitation Windows 95 interface we’ve seen run his site in the past. Strangely, the icon taking users to the game from the top-level menu is called “Recess” and not “Alien Ride,” which would make much more sense.

iOS-savvy Redd-etectives extracted this code from the secret folder, which seems to hold encrypted filenames, timestamps, and URLs from both iTunes and Google Play for each of 11 files. When translated, one user reveals the below list, suggesting that one track or track name will be revealed every 30 minutes on the app, beginning at 7:00 p.m. EST, possibly with an opening announcement at 6:30 p.m. EST according to the countdown timer on the app, which expires then.

Song 01: 03 / 10 / 14 @ 11:00:00pm UTC
Song 02: 03 / 10 / 14 @ 11:30:00pm UTC
Song 03: 03 / 11 / 14 @ 12:00:00am UTC
Song 04: 03 / 11 / 14 @ 12:30:00am UTC
Song 05: 03 / 11 / 14 @ 01:00:00am UTC
Song 06: 03 / 11 / 14 @ 01:30:00am UTC
Song 07: 03 / 11 / 14 @ 02:00:00am UTC
Song 08: 03 / 11 / 14 @ 02:30:00am UTC
Song 09: 03 / 11 / 14 @ 03:00:00am UTC
Song 10: 03 / 11 / 14 @ 03:30:00am UTC
Song 11: 03 / 11 / 14 @ 04:00:00am UTC

More speculation on Reddit suggests a fast-approaching release date of March 18, namely a match between the app icon name “Recess” and an item in the below image that surfaced on Reddit, what looks like a street date list from a major retail store.

Alleged skrillex recess street date

One Reddit user claiming to be a Target employee supported this claim by posting that he or she “had Skrillex’s new album in my hands.”

It is called Recess. The cover is an alien head with the ‘ill’ part of the Skrillex logo on its forehead. Two of the Songs are Doompy Poomp and Stranger. I forget the rest of the songs. Don’t have a smartphone so I could not take a picture. I work at Target in the electronics section overnight so I saw it in the boxes of CDs while stocking. Comes out March 18th if I remember correctly. I will look at it again tomorrow and see if I can get some pictures. Wish I could take one home, rip and share it.

TL;DR I work at Target and had Skrillex’s new album in my hands.

[EDIT] Remembered a few more songs! Ragga Swagga with the Ragga Twins and Try It Out (Neon Mix). There was also some song with Zedd and another one with Ragga Twins. Then the Song with Kill the Noise and Fatman Scoop. Also one with Chance the Rapper. Oh and it will cost 13.99 when it releases.

No way to tell what’s truth and what’s not until 6:30 p.m. EST (3:30 p.m. PST) when the timer runs out on Alien Ride, so check back for an update on what will surely be one of the biggest releases of the year.

In other Skrillex news, he and friends announced the Mothership Tour 2014, which will see Skrill, Dillon Francis, DJ Snake, Milo & Otis, and What So Not roll out across North America, kicking off at South By Southwest March 13 and wrapping up in Denver, CO before one last show in Portland, ME a month later.

Skrillex mothership tour 2014

Skrillex’ crew teamed up with Red Bull to create the new tour and all of its effects, pyro, lighting, and the sort, stuffing eight 53-foot trucks full for the roughly three-month haul. Check out the video below, offering a peek inside the new “secret warehouse” in which they’ve been perfecting the performance.

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