Mar 21, 2014
Skrillex Promises New Music ‘Left And Right’ In 2014

Now that Recess has dropped jaws and raised excitement worldwide surrounding 26-year-old Skrillex, the man plans to make full use of our undivided attention with many more surprise releases in 2014.

Skrillex, or Sonny Moore, told The Associated Press that he’s got delicious leftovers from the worldwide production sessions that resulted in his debut LP including a large amount of yet-unheard collaborations, and Recess was just the initial volley.

This album is kind of like the first wave of a lot more stuff to come, just (songs) flying out left and right kind of thing… That’s kind of what to expect: spontaneous releases… There’s so many other collaborations that I can’t really say yet but that have been left over from the record, that I’m going to release soon that are so dope. I’m excited for the new stuff to come out that no one’s heard yet.

Among these lies the possibility of his Kanye West collaboration seeing the light of day after it was shelved during the production of Yeezus. Album producer Mike Dean told Pitchfork in June 2013 that it’s coming, there’s just no telling when.

We met up with Skrillex, but he never made any contributions to the album. Actually, there’s one song that’s sitting around that’s pretty good–it’ll be on something eventually. It had been in the running since last year. It’s a work in progress.

Check back for more Moore music as we progress further into what could become known as the year of the Skrill.