Nov 01, 2012
Skrillex, Noisia, & Disney?
Skrillex - Bug Hunt (Noisia Remix) [Walt Disney]

From homeless musician to movie soundtrack producer, Skrillex has really come a long way in only two years. I doubt even the long-haired wonderboy of bass could have predicted he would be producing music for a Disney movie in such a short time, but here we are. Straight off the Wreck-It Ralph soundtrack comes Bug Hunt, and while the original version has yet to surface, Dutch drum & bass trio Noisia were nice enough to include their own remix on the official soundtrack.

Disney movie it may be, there is nothing kiddie or PG about Bug Hunt–this is an all-out assault on your ears. The chopped up glitchy electro track feels a little like Skrillex’s earlier work, with an added disco twist from Noisia. It gets a little dreamy around the halfway point before launching right back into a series of wobbles and womps as 8-bit sounds and the “Wreck-It!” vocal hit again and again. Underground bass music has officially come out from the warehouse and on to the Disney big screen–an amazing feat when all things are considered. Pick up the song here on iTunes, and prepare to “Wreck-It!”

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