Feb 07, 2014
Skrillex Makes Us ‘Cry Just A Little’ With Live Paul Baumer Tribute

During his second of six Takeover nights in San Francisco, Skrillex sparked a heartwarming tribute to late Bingo Players member Paul Baumer with their classic, Cry Just A Little, and a crowdsourced conga line.

inthemix came across a video of Sonny ending his set with a few words on losing the young talent back in December before dropping their iconic anthem and leading a conga line across the stage so fuelled by warm smiles and fond memories it may make you cry more than just a little.

Next on Skrillex’ list of Takeovers are Brooklyn, Amsterdam, and Barcelona, and they can be expected to offer the same level of surprises and big-name guests. Get more info here. Donate to Paul’s chosen cancer foundation, the KWF (Dutch Cancer Society), here.

BONUS: Watch Skrillex provide stage-to-bar crowdsurfing service for Dave Chappelle the night before at The Independent here.