Feb 26, 2014
WATCH: Skrillex, KTN, Fatman Scoop Collab + SF Takeover Official Recap

With videos from Skrillex‘ Takeovers still supplying fans with tastes of his new material, NEST HQ released the official recap for the Bay Area leg today, offering an intimate look into the tour that’s been filled with priceless moments and brand new tracks.

Among the new goods debuted during the takeovers, Skrilly unleashed a ferocious, futuristic moombahcore monster complete with enough laser beams and buzzsaws and sh*t to rip that new Robocop remake a new robot asshole.

Nameless at the moment, the ID thunders along at 108 BPM belting out wobbles, infectious stabs, a charming vocal track, and blasters straight off the Death Star, resulting in an ultra high-energy anthem for Skrill fans fiending for his beastlier side for some time. Fellow OWSLA bass-head Kill The Noise is featured on the track, undoubtedly contributing to the raw power of the production accented by the rough voice of Fatman Scoop.

The three were in the studio in December, and it looks like they were successful. “F*ck yeah.”

The above video from Amsterdam’s Melkweg is a slightly edited version from the track debuted during his Oakland Takeover show, but it offers borderline tolerable audio and a bit more of the tune. Although not pretty, the slightly below-par clip below offers a lengthy listen to the latest in 108 bass/future moombah from the man who helped introduce it to the masses over two years ago.

Nest HQ also released the official San Francisco Takeovers recap video today, featuring six nights of insanity in SF and Oakland, a cameo from Dave Chappelle, and what sounds like a trap remix of Niki & The Dove’s DJ, Ease My Mind toward the end. Enjoy!