Feb 11, 2014
Skrillex Debuts New Song, Gets Sued For Causing A Stroke

We’ve got good news and bad news out of the Skrillex camp today… let’s start with the good stuff: Skrillex debuted a brand new track last night in Brooklyn featuring the buzzworthy Chicago artist Chance The Rapper.

The new song, which was captured in decent smartphone quality by one attentive fan, is an upbeat, soulful track that skillfully glides between slow and low beats and double-time breakbeat grooves, bearing little resemblance to much of anything we’ve heard from Skrillex in recent memory. Check out that video below.

As for the bad news: The DJ born Sonny Moore is being sued by a fan for allegedly causing her to suffer a stroke as a result of the DJ stage-diving directly on top of her during a February 2012 performance in L.A.

Jennifer Fraissl claims that she was caught up in a crowd frenzy when Moore beckoned them to squeeze to the front of the stage, and was unable to protect herself as the DJ proceeded to jump off of his DJ table and land on top of the audience. The impact caused significant injuries on the scene, she says, and the trauma led to her suffering a stroke. Fraissl is seeking unspecified damages from Moore, as well as the Belasco nightclub for failing to prevent the DJ from acting recklessly. TMZ has unearthed footage of a stage dive from that performance, though it’s unclear whether it is the jump in question; see for yourself.

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