Jul 31, 2010
Skrillex and Friends
Skrillex - With You Friends (Original Mix) [Blood Company]

I first posted about Skrillex earlier this year in regards to his remix of Lady Gaga’s summer hit, Alejandro. Since then, the LA based electro-producer has sharpened his sound with a flood of relevant mainstream remixes as well as his first original release, My Name is Skrillex. Not only is his first EP an absolute monster from start to finish, but it’s FREE FOR DOWNLOAD. Yep, free music, folks. Skrillex gave this EP away from his MySpace page, and I’m sure that after you finish reading this post it will be downloaded to your computer.

So if you’re familiar with any of Skrillex’s work, you’ll know that his rhythms are complex and his drops are nothing short of uh… fine, fresh, and fierce! To me, Skrillex fills the gap between The Bloody Beetroots and Wolfgang Gartner, two of the most respected names in electro music today. That may sound like a big gap to fill, but listen to his productions and I’m sure you’ll see it. The song I’m posting today works in contrast to everything I just said about Skrillex’s death-defying electro sound. Off his 2010 EP, With You Friends is the feel good electro dance hit of the year. Similar to Daft Punk’s infamous Digital Love both in filters and tone of the song, With You Friends efficiently updates this rarely replicated sound. Some would call this song Skrillex’s musical masterpiece. If it is… then we better get ready to see that name literally everywhere.

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