Dec 11, 2013
WATCH: Dog Blood In Red Bull Studios

When it comes to Skrillex and new music, the 2014 takeover can’t come soon enough. This time, the bastion of bass is at it again with Boys Noize, as the two Dog Blood members hit up Red Bull Studios in New York to work on their second EP, Middle Finger Pt. II, which has already been released.

The video offers an inside look at the relationship between Skrillex and Boys Noize as they discuss their own unique backgrounds. “Alex comes from more of a techno world,” says Sonny. “Even though he makes louder music, he is so much about long builds and keeping in a groove. My role in Dog Blood is to kick it a little bit harder. I like to create things that sound a little bit over the top but still say something, so we kind of meet in the middle.”

Sonny refuses to classify himself as a “dubstep producer,” insisting that his music is more than just a single genre. In the video, he plays a guitar and touches upon his punk/metal influences. Says Sonny on EP track Shred Or Die, “It first started with some guitar samples we chopped up. We made up all these new riffs-–the chugs, the high notes, the squeals–-and made a whole new song.”

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