Oct 04, 2011
Skrillex - Bangarang (Original Mix)

Yeah, we post about Skrillex a lot, but It’s because he’s constantly pushing the envelope, and I’m not just talking about LFOs. The new Skrilly buzz has been about his tune Bangarang. This new moombahcore banger has been played out in his sets for months, and the public has finally gotten a chance to hear a studio version. The track features an almost Guns n’ Roses-esque guitar riff intro, accompanied by Jamacian-American rapper Canibus’s lines, “Shout to all my Lost Boys, we rowdy.” After a lengthy buildup, we plummet from this halcyonic tranquility into a headbanging cavern of wobbles and chirps, accompanied by Sonny’s usual chopped and pitched vocal clips.

In case you can’t get enough of the Skrill moombah sound, EA video game Syndicate recently tapped Skrillex to create an eponymous moombahton track that is available for free download on the game’s Facebook page. Also, here’s a sample of upcoming collaboration with Knife Party, Zoology. For you New Englanders, be sure to check out his upcoming Mothership Tour dates in Philly, NJ, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Maine!

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