Sep 11, 2013
Ride Skream’s ‘Rollercoaster’ ‘Til The End
Skream feat. Sam Frank - Rollercoaster (Original Mix) [Ammunition]

Skream, who has mentioned plans to release a disco-inspired album, has just unveiled the music video for his single Rollercoaster featuring long-time vocal collaborator Sam Frank.

The premise behind the video is that a comet the size of Mt. Everest is headed toward earth, and the entire human race is set be wiped off the face of the planet at midnight. The only logical thing to do at a time like that would be to have a mega dance party and forget about what’s going on. This is exactly what the main character of the video decides to do and ends up grabbing some others to join in on the party. There’s a hilarious twist at the end of the video, so make sure to stick around until the end.

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