Nov 06, 2012
SKisM’s Expert Assassination
SKisM - Experts (Original Mix) [Never Say Die]
SKisM - Experts (xKore Remix) [Never Say Die]

The boys over at Never Say Die have been doing big things this year, with label head SKisM leading the way with his monstrous Division Series, an outlet where SKisM explores different styles and subgenres of bass music. Alongside a 20 minute mini-mix, every part of the Division Series features an original mix produced by SKisM himself, and a remix by a prominent bass music producer. The Londoner’s recent Division release, Experts, is the third part in the series and features a wildly entertaining video (below) and a blazing moombah remix from xKore.

Experts has everything necessary to drive a club into a full-scale meltdown: dizzying amounts of filter modulation on just about every synth in the composition, full-range wobbles, and moombah-like bleeps and chirps. The cadence of the wobs on this tune give it a heavy-metal, headbanging vibe–perfect for raging on the dancefloor. The moombahton remix by xKore keeps the same heavy vibe, but adds some piercing, high-pitched stabs to cut through all of the low end information in the mix.

The inspiration behind Experts, which may or may not be apparent in the video, was the self-proclaimed “experts” that troll the YouTube comments section on popular videos. SKisM felt it was necessary to deliver a message to these trolls that love to hate by a way of a sample: “f*ck these experts!” Head over to Beatport and check out the release.

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