Jan 27, 2011
Skilled & Pure
DJ Governor - Shades Of Grey (Original Mix) [Armada]
DJ Governor - Pale Memories (Original Mix) [Armada]
Orjan Nilsen - Soulflayer (Original Mix) [Intuition]

So last year Armin van Buuren released his annual A State of Trance compilation where I discovered a tune by DJ Governor called Shades of Grey. At first the track didn’t really catch my attention, but shortly thereafter I found myself with my jaw dropped and pondering… “who the heck is DJ Governor?” Well, it’s none other than Norway’s own Orjan Nilsen.

Shades of Grey is a dramatic number filled with these tiny energized sounds, emotional vocal samples and a beautiful melody. Following suit on the EP is another fantastic track, Pale Memories. It’s chock full of energy and delivers a pure trance sound with a hint of tech to it. This EP is quite an indicator of good things to come for his not-yet-released debut artist album.

Orjan is one of the most diverse DJ/producers in the EDM wold, with a sound that merges so many styles into one. To further illustrate his talent, I take you back to 2008 with a track called Soulflayer, where he takes the gloves off with a thundering bassline rarely seen by the likes of Orjan, and a jab of psytrance that briefly drops into graceful melody and then knocks you back into morbid reality. This man is definitely in my top five trance DJs.

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