Jul 13, 2011
Sizzling Simz
MDX - Drive Out (Marc Simz Remix) [High Contrast]
Faruk Sabanci & Ken Loi - Eastern Thrace (Marc Simz Remix) [Arisa Audio]
Aerospace - Shocking (Marc Simz Remix) [Perfecto Fluoro]

The year of massive tech trance releases continues with none other than one of our recent favorites, Marc Simz. The Dutch DJ first caught our attention with Forbidden City, a “Stranger to Stability 2.0″ of sorts that wowed us with its hyped up energy and deep, techy bassline.

Since then, Marc’s been busy with a new set of remixes that are sure to blow your mind. In search of spirit-lifting melodies? You’re out of luck. His remixes of Drive Out and Eastern Thrace offer us traces of a melody, but Shocker, as the title appropriately suggests, does little to mercy us with any rest. As the hard tech beats in all the tracks suggests, Simz really knows how to push the envelope with trance. Like fellow producer Aerofoil, his high-energy tech-driven tunes are perfect for the live setting. While tech trance has been around for awhile, producers are getting better at maximizing its potential to create a powerful kinetic energy to their basslines. It’s little surprise that we’re seeing more and more international DJs like Markus Schulz turning to tech trance producers to take their live performances to the next level.

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