Oct 17, 2010
Size Matters
The Funk Out - Big Dick (Audiobot Remix) [Filthy Bitch]

Warning: The featured track in this post is titled Big Dick. If you are looking for anything light, uplifting, or mellow you should really do yourself a favor and move on to the next post.

Going into my first listen of this remix of The Funk Out’s Big Dick, I was really expecting something confident and well…bold. I was barely a minute into the track before realizing that my expectations were clearly too low of eighteen year-old SoCal producer Audiobot. If some tracks rock a dance floor, this one brings down the entire effing club. Although the lyrics in this five-minute rapefest are nothing short of X-rated, they really are one of the least offensive aspects of this track. Take it or leave it, that’s Big Dick.

If you like the track in this post, check out some more of Audiobot’s stuff on his SoundCloud page.

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