Aug 21, 2010
Sittin’ On Beats
Moguai - Sittin' On Chrome (X Edition) [Kontor]

German DJ/producer Moguai has been making music since 2002, but has only recently moved into the ranks of EDM superstardom – with a little help from a mau5. Beginning in 2010 he became one of a very select group of artists to release music on Deadmau5’s label mau5trap, which of course gave his name a huge boost. He even released an entire album on mau5trap called We Ar Lyve, an album that will soon be discussed on this site. Today, however, let’s take a bit of a look back.

Released in 2008 before the days of mau5trap, Sittin’ On Chrome is one of those EDM tracks that once you hear it, you never forget it. I heard it for the first time with Proto and Shmurkio the other night and was blown away by the depth of its artistry. Part trance, part house, and part African-American spiritual (yes, you read that right), I almost felt like I had to make up another genre in order to be able to classify this monster of a track. Rapidly jumping low synth sounds give this track a frenetic feel that culminates in a spectacular vocal paired with an explosive drop for which we receive very little aural warning. After hearing this track, it is no small wonder that Deadmau5, who is known for working with “musicians’ musicians” like Michael Woods and Chris Lake, decided to work with this guy. Even though this song didn’t even release this year, I am still claiming it as one of my favorite EDM tracks I have heard in 2010. I’m sold–you should be too. I am curious as to how the title of this track relates to the song though; any ideas?

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