Aug 29, 2010
Simply Enchanting
Dido - Everything To Lose (Armin van Buuren Remix)

As we look ahead toward Electric Zoo and #1 DJ Armin Van Buuren’s set, we’re all curious to know what he has up his sleeve this year. With a number of remixes such as Not Going Home already under his belt, Armin has reloaded with another remix, this one by singer/songwriter Dido, entitled Everything to Lose (not to be confused with a track called Dido Armin remixed a few years back).

The original version of Everything to Lose was written by Dido in her country house, where she is currently recording her electronic-infused fourth album. The track is also featured as part of the soundtrack to Sex and the City 2. To our good fortune, Armin has taken on the challenge of remixing this beautiful song. He does so by taking Dido’s emotive vocal and placing it in a new landscape of touching sounds and euphoric vocal samples that do an excellent job of enhancing Dido’s soulful voice. On top of that, Armin throws in a triumphant orchestra of sounds led by a beautiful organ-driven melody. Around 3:40 the song transitions to an even more engaging melody with a smattering of vocal samples all the way to the drop, taking you to that higher state of trance.

I really enjoy when a song you’ve connected with can be moved into a slightly different environment and work really well on the dancefloor, something Armin does very well with Everything To Lose. This is a excellent song for those moments when your heart is heavy, you have a drink in your hand, and you’re dancing your way to freedom. Enjoy!

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