Jan 31, 2012
Simply Breathtaking
Kaiori Breathe - If I Could Live In That Moment [Loodma]
Kaiori Breathe - Butterfly [Loodma]
Kaiori Breathe - Forever Yours [Loodma]

I was shocked to find out that Kaiori Breathe was an Irishman, but after listening to this guy’s tracks it just doesn’t seem to matter where he’s from. Not much does when you’re listening to a track of Kaiori Breathe’s latest EP, Sketches In Colour, as Kaiori’s tracks seem to do things that you didn’t even know could be done.

Sketches In Colour jumps right into things with If I Could Live In That Moment, a tune that beautifully breaks down what we think of so simply as “the beat” and reconstructs it in a chopped up, elongated “wonderfuge” of sound. You’ll find a lot of Asian influences in this music, both from the instruments as well as melodies used. Butterfly reminds me of some old JRPG tunes that I grew up listening to; it somehow bumps the already exaggerated beauty and imagery of those tunes to new heights. Delicate, emotional, and natural are all traits of Butterfly, and there’s not a thing I would change.

Forever Yours is a track that falls a bit closer to the modern dubstep sound, but if you think Kaiori Breathe isn’t going to infuse that modern dubstep sound with a solid serving of sunrise from the Far East, you’ve got another thing comin’. What Kaiori does with the standard beat in these tracks is absolutely amazing; visionary, even! This is the music that people need to hear before they sit back and judge “dubstep” as a whole.

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