Apr 29, 2012
Simpleton's Sauce
Simpleton - Crybaby (Original Mix)
Simpleton feat sAuce - Robe Rash (Original Mix)
sAuce & Simpleton - Octopus Footwork (Original Mix) [Far Arden]

Whoa! What year am I in? Yeah, yeah, 2012, I know; I was listening to the new Simpleton release, and things got a little wild. Listening to Sympathetic Chords, I couldn’t help but get lost between the bass and the synthwork. Crybaby, despite the tune’s title, is an uplifting futurebass track that carries you on the wings of masterful synthesizer handiwork and through a landscape punctuated by valleys of satisfying bass. Try to listen to it just once–I couldn’t help press repeat.

To elaborate, not only is Simpleton’s new EP really ridiculously good-sounding, but it includes a collaboration with the talented sAuce on Robe Rash. Simpleton and sAuce have shown us a couple of collaborations recently, and its a pair I hope to see more of. Check out Octopus Footwork–some would say you might need eight legs to keep up. You can get Sympathetic Chords for “name-your-own-price” here.

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