Jan 27, 2014
Simian Mobile Disco Spits Out ‘Snake Bile Wine’

Simian Mobile Disco submit another fine addition to their series of tracks named after the world’s most disgusting gourmet foods with Snake Bile Wine, which has been given a highly mathematical video, compliments of Jack Featherstone.

Snake Bile Wine is the first tune of 2014 to continue the long line of putrid Delicacies concocted by Simian Mobile Disco; previous highlights include fermented sour herring, meat gelatin, and live octopus tentacles. According to the Mobile Disco, Snake bile wine–which, as you might guess, is, err, harvested from a snake’s gall bladder–is enjoyed in China and Vietnam, “where the venom and bile … is believed to improve male virility, amongst other benefits — consuming the poison makes you a man, it seems…. Snakes are either steeped whole in wine, or the bile is squeezed directly into a glass.”

Thirsty yet? Simian Mobile Disco’s Snake Bile Wine is out this week on Beatport, and also features two separate remixes from Trevino. Check out the video below:

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