Mar 13, 2014
Simian Mobile Disco Cooks Up Sweet ‘Hachinoko’ Delicacy
Simian Mobile Disco & Roman Flügel - Hachinoko (Original Mix)

Simian Mobile Disco and their friend Roman Flügel have a tasty new tech house treat for you to try out, but you might want to look a little closer before you start stuffing your face.

Hachinoko is the latest tune to arise from SMD’s longstanding Delicacies EP series, and, like previous installments, it takes its name from an exotic culinary treat that might not vibe so well with our comparably bland Western palettes. According to the group, hachinoko is a Japanese dessert composed of bee larvae cooked in sugar and soy sauce:

The taste is said to be crunchy on the outside, with a gooey centre and a smoky finish… imagine, if you will, an image of dozens of tiny bee larvae, trapped in their hexagonal wax birthing cells, tapping out notes on tiny synthesiser keyboards, generating plinky electronic rhythms, over the throbbing drone of the hive’s background buzz. Before you chomp them all down.

It may go down a little more smoothly than Snake Bile Wine, but don’t be surprised if that ol’ tum-tum of yours starts grumbling after nine straight minutes of crunchy sweetness. Hachinoko is out March 17 on vinyl, with a digital release to follow one week later.

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