Jun 24, 2013
Simian Mobile Disco Comes To New York
Simian Mobile Disco - I Waited For You [Wichita]
Simian Mobile Disco - Put Your Hands Together [Wichita]
Simian Mobile Disco - Your Love Ain't Fair [Wichita]

Photo Credit: Oliver Correa for Verboten

Simian Mobile Disco finally graced New York with their presence Friday night over at SRB Brooklyn. For hours on end, the duo dropped beat after relentless beat, offering their biggest fans a chance to witness their live set in all its glory, followed shortly after by an even more breathtaking DJ Set. And just which wonderful souls do we have to thank for such a joyous occasion? Why of course, it’s New York’s favorite residents, JDH & Dave P (FIXED), and none other than the legendary Verboten crew. Anyone who’s been to a Verboten party before knows that these people come to party, and they’re doing it right. Similarly, anybody who’s heard what JDH & Dave P have been throwing down lately knows that good music is guaranteed for a night like this. So to bring the unstoppable duo here, to the better of boroughs, is a real treat to say the least. Simply put, a night like this isn’t your ordinary night out. Ladies and gentleman, this is acid house.

SMD Live

For those who don’t already know the brilliance that is Simian Moblie Disco, well, there’s two of them: James Ford and Jas Shaw, and they’re from London. So far, they’ve had three full-length albums out on Wichita Recordings, a label which has laid claim to releases from artists such as Bloc Party and Gold Panda. Their last album, Unpatterns, brought on an unprecedented, fresh new sound, one that strongly resembles house music with a whole lot of blues in its shoes. This very unique, very successful album was just one among countless other releases, including numerous live albums, singles, remixes, and even a compilation album on Simian’s own record label.

Verboten @ SRB

Many things can be said about our setting, SRB Brooklyn: Some say that it’s a bit far from the rest of civilization, which is almost true. However, given the relaxed surroundings and the overall loveliness of the venue’s interior, the trek always has and always will prove to be well worth it. Besides, it’s not really THAT far anyway; it’s only Brooklyn, and when you have Verboten’s lovely ladies smiling at you from the moment you walk in, what’s not to love?


Wide, spacey notes flooded the ballroom-style venue while voices and whispers swirled in and around the senses, and a warm, forgiving bass melody rose from the floor as SMD made their presence known. They started the night off with their last album’s opening track, I Waited For You, and they did it live for Brooklyn, with the same analogue instruments that have been taking them around the world since 2005. What followed was a flawless display of talent, wisdom, and graceful understanding of the dance floor. Make sure to check out the rest of Unpatterns when you get a chance. Put Your Hands Together and Your Love Ain’t Fair are particularly effective in expressing our love for this album.

JDH & Dave P

After an outstanding and colorful live set, New York residents JDH & Dave P were on the decks to keep the ball rolling. This pair was spot-on, offering selections such as Jimmy Edgar’s latest; it’s no wonder Simian is bringing them along for a few other stops on their current tour. After basking in the expertise of true New Yorkers, London’s finest was back on the decks to show us what their house sounds like. Simian Mobile Disco, after a quick one-hour rest, took the place of the FIXED crew on stage and brought the entire crowd home with one of the best demonstrations of club music that New York has seen since, well, the last Verboten party!


This was one of those nights that will not soon be forgotten. Keep a close watch on Simian Mobile Disco, as they’ve been going strong, city to city, boasting one of the best live shows and DJ sets that these times have to offer. They’ve got a website and a Soundcloud, and as always, there’s a place to shop. Make sure to also check out JDH & Dave P when you get a chance. You’ll be very glad you did. Lastly, get your facts straight about The City and be in the know! Make sure you’re in attendance at StageONE when Sasha, Maya Jane Coles, Guy Gerber, and more hit the decks for an outdoor Fourth of July Bash, and don’t forget about Hot Natured’s US Debut of their live show at Terminal 5, because at these parties, you’ve got the right people on the job. Remember, when you’re in New York, and you want something a bit more thrilling than a carnival ride, a night out with Verboten will most certainly hit the spot.

Simian Mobile Disco

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