Jun 09, 2014
Experience Bliss Through ‘Silk Royal Showcase 04′
Mango feat. Richard J Aarden - Pillow Fights (Blood Groove & Kikis Intro Mix) [Silk Royal]
Johan Vilborg - Second Wind (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]
Schodt - Life Is Infinite (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]

When you’re driving back from the club or festival late at night, there’s nothing better to listen to than the smooth sounds of Silk Royal. The label released their outstanding Silk Royal Showcase 04 compilation today, boasting some of the finest progressive house and trance out there.

The label’s latest Showcase continues their legacy of excellence with two 80-minute mixes from Jacob Henry and Tom Fall, respectively. Henry’s mix takes you on a gentle stroll through forests of enchanting melodies and dreamy vocals, beginning with the Blood Groove & Kikis intro mix of Pillow Fights by Mango and Richard J Aarden. This relaxing tune perfectly sets the mood of the rest of the mix with its acoustic guitar strumming, and the lyric “All we got’s a second to live inside a minute” really draw you in.

Silk Royal Showcase 04 keeps its cool, and doesn’t dip down the path of big room anthems. However, both mixes take you on a trip through varying levels of trance energy; a great example of this is Johan Vilborg’s track Second Wind from Tom Fall’s mix. It picks up the tempo up a notch, and its builds climb a bit higher than the other tunes.

Both mixes on the fourth installment of Silk Royal Showcase end beautifully. Jacob Henry’s mix closes with some soothing progressive breaks in a tune called Life Is Infinite by Schodt. This track is full of ethereal bliss, and a brilliant way to end the first mix. Same goes for Tom Fall’s mix, which closes with a chillout tune named Only Foals by Sean Mackey. If you want some peaceful grooves for the long drive home, or simply want to relax with some soft beats and melodies, then Silk Royal Showcase 04 is a must-have compilation. Whet your appetite further with the minimix video below, then pick up the compilation on Beatport.