Mar 02, 2011
Sied van Riel Steals Our Hearts
Sied van Riel feat Nicole McKenna - Stealing Time (Original Mix) [Spinnin']

Vocal trance is meant to capture the heart and fill the listener with emotion. Sadly, a lot of the vocal trance out there often falls short of the genre’s potential. Luckily this is not the case with Sied van Riel’s new masterpiece Stealing Time.

Simplicity is key in this track. There are no groundbreaking musical ideas or avant garde sounds coming from other genres, but instead the essence of vocal trance rings through in as pure of a way as it can. I can’t even imagine what this track must be doing in live settings–the sound is so cathartic you feel as if you have freed yourself from all of the emotional baggage you may be carrying. Isn’t it great that music can do that? Nicole McKenna’s crystalline voice rides this track effortlessly, and of course, there’s the drop that feels like it’s rising and lowering onto you all at the same time. Sold yet? Have a listen and experience the cleansing sounds of Stealing Time.

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