Aug 07, 2011
Sidney Samson @ Lavo NY
Sidney Samson feat Lady Bee - Shut Up & Let it Go (Chuckie Remix) [Cr2]

In anticipation of his upcoming Electric Zoo performance on Labor Day weekend, Dutch house maestro Sidney Samson showed up at the New York location of the increasingly popular club franchise that is Lavo. The silver and gold masks were out in force that night among the crowd, making for an interesting spectacle akin to a glamorous masquerade. Meanwhile, dancers in costumes that looked like silver Christmas trees with lighted ornaments dazzled the audience, but not enough to distract from the madness coming from the decks. Sidney is known for his heavy tribal take on the already tribal-influenced Dutch house genre, so there was certainly enough thump to go around for everyone.

Going on at the slightly earlier hour of 1am, Sidney didn’t stray too far from the sound you would expect from him. Strangely enough, some of my favorites of his, like his remix of Punk and uplifting original Fill U Up, were not dropped, but he certainly kept crowd interest regardless, and was sure to blow the famous Lavo horns just in case you weren’t completely tuned in. Sidney has been playing a lot at Lavo lately, possibly because of his connections with New York dance music label Big Beat, or maybe because he enjoys the New York vibe, but if you missed him, you’ll likely have a chance to see him again in NYC soon (outside of Zoo, of course).

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