Oct 08, 2013
Sidney Samson And Killfake’s Tribute To Acid House
Sidney Samson & Killfake - Revenge Of The Acid (Original Mix) [Doorn]

With a respectable portfolio of popular festival anthems that include Joyenergizer, Tsunami, and Puzzle, Doorn Records has built a reputation as one of the hottest labels in dance music. On Monday, Dutch producers Sidney Samson and Killfake contributed to Doorn’s trend-setting collection with the release of the highly-anticipated Revenge Of The Acid.

While Doorn’s newest offering was originally scheduled as an August release, Samson shared that “[he] wanted to wait until [the track] was just right.” His goal with Revenge was to create “something really different” for the nightclub circuit, “a huge party with dancing and people having a genuinely good time.”

With a seamless combination of classic acid shots and modern progressive elements, Revenge Of The Acid pays a rare tribute to the classics while providing the energy that today’s club-goers demand. Be sure to get your copy of Revenge Of The Acid on Beatport today!

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