Aug 27, 2012
Shred Lobster
Shreddie Mercury - Powerglove: Pt. 2 (Original Mix)
Shreddie Mercury - Mount Cleverest (Original Mix) [SectionZ]

Just last week, Zedd announced the winner of his Spectrum Remix Contest on Beatport, and it’s my punny friend Shreddie Mercury! As a way of thanks to his fans, Shreddie has decided to release a new song for free on his SoundCloud. Powerglove: Pt. 2 appropriately borrows from its name and features a blend of 8-bit sounds, Shreddie’s usual riffs, and a healthy dash of heavy moombah–he calls it “Chiptoombahtrance.” In terms of what’s going on in moombahton at the moment, this track is a nice breath of fresh air.

Shreddie’s other newest single is Mount Cleverest. It starts with a ghostly buildup before dropping right into the action with some beautiful melodies, similar to his previous work Balla Deen. The beautiful way the song forms together showcases an artist who is really beginning to master his sound. It’s emotionally investing complextro with a touch of epic-ness thrown in for flavor, and that sits great with me.

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