Dec 30, 2013
Showtek Shows Off New Label With ‘We Like To Party’

After a stellar 2013, the guys of Showtek aren’t finished just yet, and they’ve saved their biggest move for last. The brotherly Dutch duo announced today that they’ve founded their own label, Skink, and kicked things off with a brand new, big room banger to celebrate.

We Like To Party surges forward on a punchy lead synth forged in the style that’s been the absolute rage this year (read: similar to Tsunami, others), but successfully achieves originality with an inspired bridge-and-breakdown section leading into an alternate build and the altogether powerful drop.

Overall, We Like To Party is a great coming-out track for the new imprint and does a solid job setting the tone for what will be electronic music’s newest rave-ready hit factory, led by some of the best in the biz at sparking massive, dancefloor riots. Pick it up here on Beatport today, and enjoy the reptilian-themed video below, featuring the label’s namesake creature, the skink.

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