May 15, 2011
Show Me What You're Made Of
Nause - Made Of (Original Mix) [Mutants]
Nause - Made Of (Chuckie Remix) [Mutants]

Straight out of Sweden comes Stockholm-based duo Nause, paving their way into music production after spending the early portion of their careers DJing various nightclubs in their hometown. Their new track Made Of is epic house at its finest with an anthemic male vocal that’s going to become instantly memorable to any listener–quite a statement given how hit-or-miss male vocals can be in house music. The inevitable success of this track should not only be judged on its own musical merits, but also on the strong set of remixers behind it: John Dahlback and Chuckie. You might have heard of them?

Chuckie. The guy has been blazing himself a trail into house superstardom with a lean toward the Dutch sound that’s been so successful as of late. Having crushed the crowd at Coachella and stomped our faces with the barrage of electro house bangers he’s put out recently, he’s been on a rampage. So with that said, I bet you’ll join me in my enthusiasm to learn of the direction on his remix of Made Of–Chuckie dubstep. And it is absolutely slamming. It starts off somewhat as you’d expect–an electro house intro, a hot beat, and careful preservation of the elements of the original that make it such a standout track. Dont get too comfortable, though, because at around the three-minute mark you’re gonna be hit with a mega-fly dubsteppy bridge. Wow. And then some more wow as he seamlessly transitions back into that electro house bit. Wow x2.

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