Mar 05, 2013
Shlohmo Lays It Out
Shlohmo - Later (Original Mix) [FoF]
Shlohmo - Out Of Hand (Original Mix) [FoF]
Shlohmo feat How To Dress Well - Don't Say No (Original Mix) [FoF]

What Burial does for the bass music in the United Kingdom, Shlohmo does for beats in America. His heartfelt beats reach down deep into your soul and pull up the purest emotions, his music raises feelings that have you re-evaluate your standards for beauty. More than a producer, more than a musician, his productions are works of art that fully embrace the potential for electronic music. Last year he won us over with his brilliant Vacation EP and now he’s delivered his highly anticipated Laid Out EP on We Did It/FoF Music.

As new technologies continue to prevail over modern society and machines continue to grow more intelligent, there’s some concern over where the line gets drawn for sentient life. You could argue that liberating human emotion separates man from steel, but what if machines too could learn to feel, what if they could experience what it means to feel alive? Nobody knows for sure, though perhaps Shlohomo is a visionary pioneering the way; his new Laid Out EP includes tracks like Later that merge the two worlds together, with gut-wrenching vocals warped and distorted to sound like machines, desperately trying to express themselves.

Furthering the theme is the sentimental track Out Of Hand, which blends together similar tortured vocals with dreamy pad synths and a garage style rhythm; the harmony here is deeply moving. Continuing, it isn’t often that Shlohmo works explicitly with a singer but when he does, the results are profound. For this release he worked with How To Dress Well to make the passionate R&B style track Don’t Say No. The trap influence here is clear and you can hear it in the last two tracks Put It and Without as well.

Download the Laid Out EP on bandcamp or on iTunes.

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