Mar 19, 2011
Shine Like Diamonds
Sweet Euphony - Diamond (Original Mix) [White2Black]
Sweet Euphony - Diamond (Daiquiri Remix) [White2Black]
Sweet Euphony - Diamond (Not Okay Remix) [White2Black]

Meshblorg has been expanding our horizons into the subgenre of breakbeat progressive tunes, and he’s certainly hooked me. One of the relative newcomers to the scene is White2Black, a young label in the progressive scene that seems to be gathering some serious attention. This came as no surprise after my first listen to the enchantingly beautiful Diamond by Sweet Euphony and its remixes. Twinkling sounds weave in and out over a distinctly breaks beat as a vocal sample echoes through the warm space created by this tune.

The first remix here comes courtesy of White2Black co-owner Daiquiri. He spins the original a little harder and establishes a new melody over the same breaks beat described previously. The vocal sample is much more underplayed until the breakdown where its prevalence grows stronger. Not Okay, another artist on the label, adds yet another very different twist on the original, adding several more percussive elements, short, Eastern-sounding melodic bits, and a more pronounced buildup than any of the other versions. Both nicely demonstrate the artistic diversity that exists within the label.

It seems that the label has set a course for success, given the polish and quality level of these tracks along with the fourteen others released since April of 2010. It’s no wonder that they’ve picked up the support of many prominent artists in the progressive scene. We’re looking forward to what they’ve got up their sleeves this year!

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