Jul 30, 2012
She's Got A Big Ego
Audrey Napoleon - B*tchy Queen (Original Mix) [SQE]
Audrey Napoleon - #mysunrise (Original Mix) [SQE]
Audrey Napoleon - Carlos Martinez (Original Mix) [SQE]

“When you are an artist you have to believe in a certain voodoo: that the object you are making has a life of its own and can tell you what it needs to become.” It’s with this mentality that rising dance music darling Audrey Napoleon entered the studio to craft her new EP, Ornamental Egos, and it sure seems like she listened well. The self-decribed “underground pop” sound of Ornamental Egos has immediately set Audrey Napoleon part from her competitors, and is quickly establishing the sassy brunette as the female producer to watch in electronic music.

Released on SQE Music, which also claims Rusko and MMOTHS as artists, Ornamental Egos is a testing of the ever-blurring boundaries between electronic and pop music. The five-track EP (or six-track if you buy it on Beatport) is rife with smart house and breakbeat rhythms and synths, with a little sprinkle of Audrey Napoleon’s eccentric character thrown in the mix to keep the EP sonically cohesive. Carlos Martinez, named after the Spanish mime, is a playful, Dutch house-influenced track with singsongy children’s vocals sitting atop the track as the song’s main identifier. B*tchy Queen leans slightly more proggy with a stutter rhythm that is distinctively Audrey; she uses this drum pattern several times over the course of the EP. The theatricality of B*tchy Queen is almost palpable, as if it came from some sort of snappily choreographed EDM musical. #mysunrise is certainly the darkest track of the EP, with dramatic strings and an acid bassline that give the track a distinct club vibe.

With more videos promised, Audrey has also created a video for lead single Poison that you can watch below. You can currently catch Audrey touring with Identity Festival. Reports from the ground indicate her sets have been showstoppers, so be sure to clear a little room in your schedule to see her in action.

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