Feb 06, 2013
Shazam Adds 1.5 Million Beatport Songs
Jacob Plant - Shakedown (Original Mix) [Shakedown]

We’ve all been there: you and your friends are having the time of your lives at the show you’ve been thinking about for weeks when the DJ drops an unfamiliar track that sends you into a dancing frenzy. In an attempt to figure out the name of the song, you whip out Shazam and anxiously tap “Touch to Shazam,” only to receive a familiar, tormenting message: “We couldn’t find a match.”

Well torment no more. Ben Sisario of The New York Times reported on Wednesday that Shazam, the world’s most popular song identifier application, has cut a deal with popular electronic music marketplace Beatport that will add 1.5 million electronic tracks to its database.

Although Shazam, as The Times reported, has a catalog totaling more than 25 million songs, it’s not enough to keep up with the fast pace at which dance music is released. Beatport reported that 20,000 new tracks are released each week, with up to a third of them not available anywhere else. They have deals with more than 3,600 suppliers representing over 20,000 labels that “Shazam may not ever get around to striking deals with directly.”

The addition of Beatport’s catalog is just one way Shazam is keeping club-goers and festival fans in mind. “There is always going to be an element of D.J.’s putting on effects and layer sounds,” shared Will Mills, Shazam’s director of music and consent, “we’ve got that bit sorted.” Shazam will identify a track even if it’s sped up or slowed or if fans are screaming in the background. When songs are successfully identified, users will then be able to link straight to Beatport to purchase the track, watch a YouTube video, and share the track with friends on Facebook.

With the recent explosion of dance music, this partnership will allow dance fans faster access to the electronic music they love while supplying DJs with an opportunity to expose their efforts to Shazam’s global user-base of 275 million. Beatport concluded with the following:

“Perhaps the next greatest feeling there is to discovering a new song is sharing that song with others. Because we serve DJs, the music bought on Beatport is played to thousands—-sometimes tens of thousands—-of listeners. Helping those listeners discover and then share that same music with others only extends the cycle even further. And that’s a good feeling.”

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