Nov 15, 2011
Shaky Players
Bingo Players - Lame Brained (Original Mix) [Hysteria]
Bingo Players - Rattle (Original Mix) [Hysteria]

The always spot-on duo is back with another dance floor smasher. The Bingo Players have been dominating the Beatport charts with Rattle, a big beat banger that’s as catchy as it is shaky. I managed to catch their set out this year’s Audiotistic Festival, and I can definitely say that it was one of the better sets of the night. Bingo Players are some of the best house DJs around.

Living up to their name, the guys have instilled some heavy-hitting beats into Rattle, which currently sits at #5 on the Beatport Top 100. Bendy triplets dance around the song, while the buildups and kickdrums work their magic. The end product is a bouncing five minutes of fist-pumping action. I’m also adding a Bingo Players oldie, Lame Brained. Both are proper house tunes that can fit into any set, whether it be at a rave or a club.

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