Aug 11, 2010
Shake That Ass
Angel Alanis - Do You Like The Way You Feel When You Shake (Original Mix) [A-Squared Muzik]

Let techno master Angel Alanis take you on a ride through the late-night streets of Chicago. The clubs are alive with thumping bass, partiers dancing through the early dawn to the hot grooves.

Since his debut EP Advanced Therapy in 1997, Alanis has consistently produced rich tech house and techno tracks. I first discovered Alanis’ Do You Like the Way You Feel When You Shake when Carl Cox dropped this techno bomb at Pacha NYC in 2009. It took me a few weeks and many hours of web surfing to find the name. Finally, the track fell on my lap when I clicked on a random Youtube video of Cox performing at Exit Festival 2009. Originally released in 2001, the hit track helped boost Alanis into the realm of premiere techno producers. It’s been nearly a decade since the track’s release, and production techniques have improved dramatically during that time. But, as with any genre, a classic track like this one retains many qualities that can still be appreciated today. Whenever I hear this track, I feel like I’m being brought back to that time when Chicago house ruled the night.

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