Dec 26, 2012
Shadow Child’s 23 EP
Shadow Child feat Tymer - 23 (Original Mix) [Food Music]
Shadow Child - The Verdict Part 2 (Original Mix) [Food Music]
Tom Flynn & Shadow Child - Drive Hero (Original Mix) [Deleted]

It didn’t take long for Shadow Child to get the attention of the dirtybird crew, and since releasing his first EP on that label less than a year ago, he has had four more releases, each with a different label. The newest EP, simply named 23, came out as the first release on Shadow Child’s own label, Food Music. The title track is a perfect example of how he builds up a familiar, progressive house beat right into a deep, mellow, bass groove. That same refreshing style gives The Verdict Part 2 a nice, laid-back approach to one of his earlier tracks which is still available for free on his SoundCloud.

Shadow Child also joined up with Tom Flynn not too long ago for a 2-track collaboration, out on Deleted Records. Drive Hero holds a funky bassline steady with an impenetrable four-to-the-floor beat, creating another tech house winner from the UK. Making waves from London to San Francisco, Shadow Child is certainly one of this year’s best new producers.