Mar 09, 2014
SFX Partners With Woodstock Co-Founder For New Festival

In an interesting turn of events, Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang has partnered with massive EDM juggernaut SFX Entertainment and MCP Presents, which throws TomorrowWorld, Camp Bisco, and Counterpoint. Lang, SFX, and MCP intend to take the festival idea to the next level with their own event, which will boast over 500 artists from a variety of genres performing over a three-day span. Think along the lines of Coachella, but on the East Coast.

The event will be located in Saugerties, New York during the summer, and will host anywhere between 25-30 thousand concertgoers. Tickets won’t exactly be cheap, going for $150-200 a pop, but, given the prices of festivals these days, it’s actually not that bad. If all of this initial information is true, we’re looking at yet another heavy hitter entering the already packed US festival market. This would also mark the first time an event occurred in Saugerties, New York since 1994, when a second Woodstock was held there to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original 1969 festival.

SFX is participating in a very high stakes game with EDM market, betting heavy and they’re clearly playing for keeps. The entire proposal is still pending approval from a few local boards, but once they get that, expect to hear a lot more about this crazy concert.

Source: YourEDM

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